Purpose of Nomtek Logic

It is a web software created in order to:

  • Limit bureaucracy within service companies and agencies via automation of repetitive management tasks and increased transparency.
  • Drive important processes in order to free the leaders from administrative driving and let them focus on real leadership.

It performs repetitive COO tasks.

Nice marketing talk, but what it really is?

In essence, Nomtek Logic is your smart list of Clients and Orders. Easily create a new Client or Order by providing its name and this is it. But wait, from this point Logic will make sure that you don't forget about any important step, from Order's acceptance until cash collection and it will do it with fair amount of automation and nudging of your employees via personal e-mails and instant messages to your public channels. Yes, you do not necessarily have to ask again whether milestone A is complete, does your client like the quality of long-term project B, how much to bill your client C for the hotel on the next invoice or which exactly invoices were not yet paid by client D. Logic will gather answers to these questions for you at the right time, make them easily available and use them to drive the process.

Who is it best for?

Logic is best for all companies which work on too many parallel Orders to manage them manually. For each Order it will make sure that you:

  • Have a clear and confirmed agreement with your client at every point in time.
  • Optionally gather budget, deadline, quality and partial acceptance status.
  • Bill the client at the right moment depending on numerous supported Order types.
  • Nudge late payers at the right moment, taking into account invoice due dates and their changing promises.
  • Involve the right team members at the right time for the right tasks.
  • Restrict the access to the information in the preferred way.

Logic will simplify the work of CEOs, COOs and their assistants.

Currently supported processes

Order tracking

Supported types of Orders:

  • Fixed price with multiple milestones
  • Pay per Time, Pay per Sprint, Pay per Point, Material billing
  • Change Requests
  • Billed just once, weekly, monthly or in other way
  • Other
    • Price calculation can be specified in external spreadsheet

User can easily review all active Orders within a company. For each Order, a PDF version can be sent to the client for quick confirmation.

Deliverable tracking

System makes sure that responsible persons report client's acceptance of deliverables.

Automated invoicing

For all supported Order types, system collects all information and acceptances required for invoicing from the right people in the right time. Then it can generate the invoice and send it to the client.

Invoice Status and Vindication

User can list all active invoices for the Client (incomplete or not paid), all unpaid invoices in the company, all invoices from certain month. User can generate a nice e-mail with all invoices and payment details for specific client. System can register incomplete payments from the clients, already paid amounts can be moved across invoices.

System will remind about unpaid invoices when the due date expires and allows to define additional paymet term.

Resource Assignment

Track who is responsible for the deliveries. Assign team members to the customer orders. Check who and when will be available for the coming projects.

Project Management Monitoring

Logic is not a project management tool, however it provides an optional workflow for controlling the most important aspects of your projects - as the output from other independent project management tools and methodologies:

  • budgets
  • deadlines
  • quality
  • acceptance

Logic shows you all these health aspects of your Orders on one dashboard.

Performance Reviews

Crowd-sourced team members' performance reviews that measure team members' value for the company.


You can check your total revenue in each month and your total unpaid invoices before and after due date.

What is it not?

Logic is a top-level orchestration system and is not a replacement for:

  • Time tracking system like Harvest or Intervals or Tempo.
  • Project management system like JIRA or Asana.
  • Accounting system like Quickbooks or FreeAgent.
  • CRM system like Salesforce or Pipedrive.

Logic takes-over from the CRM at the contracting stage - when the sales cycle is almost completed - and drives it till the end. If you wish, it can feed back to your CRM by consistently identifying clients who stopped purchasing from you for some reason.

Data security

Your Logic account can be hosted on Nomtek servers which employ all standard security measures - good for start. Eventually, you may want to limit the total control of your most precious data to one person only - you. In such case we recommend to install the system on your server. The easiest way to do it without technical skills is to create an account on digitalocean.com and then to buy the standard 5usd/month server instance in there with Nomtek Logic pre-installed from the snaphot that we share with you. All is done easily with digitalocean super-simple administration panel. Alternatively, if you have admin skills, you can install Logic on any server with Ruby on Rails and postgresql.

How difficult is it to start using Logic?

We suggest to take these steps:

  1. Provide names of your current active Clients and Orders within Logic.
    • First Win: now you have everything in one place and this one list will be used for numerous purposes.
  2. Configure Notificatin Streams ie direct various notification types to your channels.
    • Second Win: Logic will drive all Orders from creation until you collect the cash.
  3. Invite your employees to Logic by assigning them the right roles.
    • Third Win: Transparency within your company immediately increases - everyone can see what is being done and by whom, line employees are being asked to initially assign themselves to the Orders.
    • Fourth Win: Chosen responsibilities will be delegated to your employees.

After that, Logic will drive you.

Is Logic compatible with my process?

To answer this question, compare your process to the basic Logic process for the Order:

  1. New Order is created by providing its name.
  2. Logic asks to provide Contract details (contract items, ways and frequency of charging, pricing, acceptance procedure and other terms).
  3. Logic reminds to obtain client's acceptance of the contract. Note: Logic does not require any specific form of the contract but can generate PDF for convenience.
  4. While the time is passing, basing on the Contract, Logic identifies Billables i.e. items that are potentially ready for billing.
  5. Logic asks for confirmation of Billables at the right moment (can ask different people for financial and non-financial details) and then asks to invoice them via integration with accounting system.
  6. Logic reminds about unpaid invoices and allows to set the promised payment date in the future.

How does Logic help to motivate people?

It helps by providing more transparency within the company in terms of duties and results. It also sends e-mails with reminders and repetitively names people who have to take the next steps on public notification channels.

Other general features

  • VAT EU support
  • Multiple currency support
  • Multiple bank account support
  • Integration with Infakt for Invoice generation
  • Notification channels:
    • e-mail
    • Hall (corporate instant messenger)
    • Possibility to integrate with other channels
  • Unlimited number of users
  • User roles with access restrictions


Logic is free to use. You also get the source code for review.